Bigmuscle fitness company belong to Miaoguan trading company, is mainly supplying all kinds of high quality commercial fitness equipment for professional gym club. Bigmuscle fitness all team members has more than 5 year rich experience on sports industry, and familiar with china fitness equipment factories. We have own quality inspection department, Every machine will be strictly tested before send out. Our company supply total-set gym equipment like:  treadmill, gym bikes, strength equipment, dumbbells, weight plates, rubber floor and other gym accessories.

Our team can be of great help to you when  you open your gym.

First of all, let’s talk about common problems in the purchase of fitness equipment.

  1. Most companies present their product in such a way that their products have good quality and  at the same time cheap. But after you pay the  deposit, something changes like: color, delivery date and so on.
  2. The Customer can’t make sure which factory produces which product and if it is good quality, Just listen to the salesperson. For the convenience of purchasing, just purchasing from one manufacturer is the biggest drawback. To tell the truth. No manufacturer can produce all the equipment for  a gym.
  3. You can’t make sure that the products which reach your hands are flawless. Like the picture below , New machine but already broken or rusty.
  4. A lot of sales are just for the sale of products, and any after-sales are very slow after the sale. Especially after owning the equipment for a long time, finding the after-sales becomes very difficult.

Above problems, Bigmuscle fitness team can solve! 

  1. We will do in-production and post-production inspections. to ensure product quality and delivery time.
  2. Choosing us not only saves you time, but also saves you money with high quality products and long time use.
  3. Moreover Every customer has the opportunity to get free express delivery accessories.
  4. last but not least is our lifetime after-sales service. You can request our after-sales service at any time during the use of our equipment.

Bigmuscle fitness team goal:

To build more than 50,000 professional modern gyms in the world.

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