Bigmucle fitness company now has new policy for new gym clubs. If you now want open gym and need purchase gym equipment or you want update your gym equipment machines. Please read the following carefully to make it easy for you to open a high-end gym.

If you are first use bigmuscle gym machine for your gym in your local place, we can cooperate. We offer you a full range of high-end gym equipment at beautiful price, but your gym serves as our showroom. Or you can choose one of our range of products, such as cardio or strength or gym accessories. If there are other customers in your area who want to purchase our equipment, Hope you can allow them to visit  gym to check our fitness products. If the customer purchases, we can give your gym commission.

Bigmuscle fitness company‘s aim is build 10,000 luxury gyms around the world. If you enjoy our project please don’t hesitate to contact us.