Project Description

 bench press

model no.: BM-hs1001
name: iso-lateral bench press
size: 1750*1350*1750 mm
net weight: 147 kg
gross weight: 177 kg

chest back machine

model no.: BM-hs1002
name: iso-lateral chest/back 
size: 1850*1770*2000 mm
net weight: 167 kg
gross weight: 198 kg

 chest press

model no.: BM-hs1003
name: iso-lateral chest press
size: 1600*1720*1750 mm
net weight: 125 kg
gross weight: 155 kg

iso-lateral level row

model no.: BM-hs1004
name: iso-lateral level row
size: 1580*1460*1320 mm
net weight: 96 kg
gross weight: 122 kg

 high row

model no.: BM-hs1005
name: iso-lateral high row
size: 1700*1460*2000 mm
net weight: 154 kg
gross weight: 185 kg

front lat pulldown

model no.: BM-hs1006
name: iso-lateral front lat pulldown
size: 1660*1480*2100 mm
net weight: 130 kg
gross weight: 165 kg

horizontal bench press

model no.: BM-hs1007
name: horizontal bench press
size: 1830*1970*1200 mm
net weight:104 kg
gross weight: 130 kg

 incline chest press

model no.: BM-hs1008
name: incline chest press
size: 1470*1720*1750 mm
net weight:110 kg
gross weight: 138 kg

 low row

model no.: BM-hs1009
name: iso-lateral low row
size: 1400*2000*1900 mm
net weight:135 kg
gross weight: 165 kg

assay squat

model no.: BM-hs1010 
name: assay squat
size: 1470*710*580 mm
net weight:45 kg
gross weight:53 kg

 iso-lateral rowing

model no.: BM-hs1011 
name: iso-lateral rowing
size: 1580*1460*1320 mm
net weight:96 kg
gross weight:122 kg

iso-lateral shoulder press

model no.: BM-hs1012 
name: iso-lateral shoulder press
size: 1360*1900*1900 mm
net weight:136 kg
gross weight:164 kg

iso-lateral incline press

model no.: BM-hs1013 
name: iso-lateral incline pres
size: 1270*1460*1530 mm
net weight:121 kg
gross weight:149 kg

wide chest machine

model no.: BM-hs1014
name: iso-lateral wide chest
size: 1470*1710*1740 mm
net weight:128 kg
gross weight:150 kg

 wide pull down machine

model no.: BM-hs1015
name: iso-lateral wide pull down
size: 1610*1490*2100 mm
net weight:131 kg
gross weight:166 kg

 lateral raise

model no.: BM-hs1016
name: lateral raise
size: 1250*1080*1340mm
net weight:106 kg
gross weight:134 kg

 lateral raise

model no.: BM-hs1017
name: pullover 
size: 1310*1260*1500mm
net weight:135 kg
gross weight:170 kg

seated biceps curl

model no.: BM-hs1018
name: seated biceps curl
size: 1150*1070*1270mm
net weight:92 kg
gross weight:112 kg

standing calf raise

model no.: BM-hs1019
name: standing calf raise
size: 1100*660*1740mm
net weight:105 kg
gross weight:132kg

standing calf raise

model no.: BM-hs1020
name: standing calf raise
size: 1300*860*1840mm
net weight:135 kg
gross weight:170kg

leg curl

model no.: BM-hs1021
name: leg curl
size: 1500*1450*950 mm
net weight:115 kg
gross weight:135 kg

leg extension

model no.: BM-hs1022
name: iso-lateral leg extension
size: 1900*2100*1300 mm
net weight:126 kg
gross weight:146 kg

 leg press

model no.: BM-hs1023
name: iso-lateral leg press
size: 1750*2000*1550 mm
net weight:165 kg
gross weight: 190 kg

leg extension fitness

model no.: BM-hs1024
name: leg extension 
size: 1680*1950*1130 mm
net weight:98 kg
gross weight: 129 kg

super horizontal calf

model no.: BM-hs1025
name: super horizontal calf
size: 1420*1550*1330 mm
net weight:144 kg
gross weight: 179 kg


model no.: BM-hs1026
name: v-squat
size: 1900*1600*2100mm
net weight:151 kg
gross weight: 172 kg

smith machine with power rack

model no.: BM-hs1027
name: smith machine with power rack
size: 1400*2050*2280 mm
net weight:116 kg
gross weight: 156 kg


model no.: BM-hs1028
name: squat&lunge
size: 1350*1760*1000 mm
net weight:97 kg
gross weight: 122 kg

 linear leg press

model no.: BM-hs1029
name: linear leg press
size: 2450*1390*1500 mm
net weight:210 kg
gross weight: 247 kg

Kneeling Leg Curl

model no.: BM-hs1030
name: Kneeling Leg Curl
size: 1410*1830*1350 mm
net weight:120 kg
gross weight: 150 kg

Triceps Extension

model no.: BM-hs1031
name: Triceps Extension
size: 1570*1540*870 mm
net weight:93 kg
gross weight: 118 kg

Seated/Standing Shrug

model no.: BM-hs1032
name: Seated/Standing Shrug
size: 1200*1630*1080 mm
net weight:90 kg
gross weight: 115 kg

 Hack Squat

model no.: BM-hs1033
name: Hack Squat
size: 2500*1400*1250 mm 
net weight: 197 kg
gross weight: 229 kg

Tibia Dorsal Flexion

model no.: BM-hs1034
name: Tibia Dorsal Flexion
size: 380*610*310 mm
net weight: 25 kg
gross weight: 31 kg


model no.: BM-hs1035
name: Squat
size: 2000*1450*1450mm
net weight: 136 kg
gross weight: 152 kg

 Forearm Tension

model no.: BM-hs1036
name: Forearm Tension
size: 1090*580*1190 mm
net weight: 29 kg
gross weight: 43 kg

Abdominal Crunch

model no.: BM-hs1037
name: Abdominal Crunch
size: 1230*680*1150 mm
net weight: 60 kg
gross weight: 76 kg


model no.: BM-hs1038
name: Adductor
size: 1690*730*750 mm
net weight: 78 kg
gross weight: 95 kg

Vertical Leg Press

model no.: BM-hs1039
name: Vertical Leg Press
size: 1750*1300*2150 mm
net weight: 150 kg
gross weight:180 kg

4-Way Neck

model no.: BM-hs1040
name: 4-Way Neck
size: 820*1570*1600 mm  
net weight: 110 kg
gross weight:140 kg

Olympic Military Bench

model no.: BM-hs1041
name: Olympic Military Bench
size: 1760*1250*1690 mm  
net weight: 75 kg
gross weight:98 kg

 Chip Up

model no.: BM-hs1042
name: Chip Up
size: 1300*680*2185 mm  
net weight: 80 kg
gross weight:102 kg

Olympic Power Rack

model no.: BM-hs1043
name: Olympic Power Rack
size: 1560*1200*2410 mm  
net weight: 142 kg
gross weight:165 kg

 Half Rack

model no.: BM-hs1044
name: Half Rack
size: 1400*1250*2350 mm  
net weight: 134 kg
gross weight:173 kg

 Power Cage

model no.: BM-hs1045
name: Power Cage
size: 1220*1380*2360 mm  
net weight: 146 kg
gross weight:190 kg

Power Cage fitness machine

model no.: BM-hs1046
name: Power Cage
size: 1775*1380*2360 mm  
net weight: 191 kg
gross weight:235 kg

 Multi Function Power Cage

model no.: BM-hs1047
name: Multi Function Power Cage
size: 1840*1650*2350 mm
net weight: 175 kg
gross weight:215 kg

pec fly

model no.: BM-hs1048
name: pec fly
size: 1840*1650*2350mm
net weight: 175 kg
gross weight:215 kg

hip training machine

model no.: BM-hs1049
name: hip training machine
size: 1840*1650*2350mm
net weight: 175 kg
gross weight:215 kg