china fitness equipment

If you are a gym owener or business dealer in fitness you must have think about purchase china fitness machine . As a world-class production base, China has a beautiful price and has become a purchasing base for many businessmen. But if you want to open a new gym, is it better choose fitness production factory or an export distributor?  Here is some experiences from a buyer who has 6 years of experience in the Chinese fitness equipment industry.

Nearly 10,000 factories in China are engaged in fitness equipment,include commercial fitness equipment , home use equipment , outdoor gym equipment and gym accessories. About one-third of the industry is engaged in commercial fitness equipment. Power equipment is mostly in northern China, and the south mainly produces aerobic series. So you can’t visit and compare all the factories. Especially all factories say that our products are of the best quality.

So our advice is to choose to work with the dealer with the following is the reason:

  1. They are familiar with the manufacturers of the Chinese fitness industry, familiar with the local market, and their rich experience makes it easier for them to compare which equipment is perfect.
  2. Whether it is price or quality, they can always provide you with the right matching products according to your budget. In terms of quality, the dealer team is more convenient to go to the factory for inspection. 
  3. In the delivery period, the dealer’s time is more controllable. Most factories first produce domestic dealer orders every month, because dealers can go to the factory push production at any time, but foreign customers cannot fly to the factory to push them. If you  purchase from different manufacturers, it is more difficult to control.
  4. Regarding after-sales problems, most factories in China deal with after-sales problems very slowly because their focus is mainly on production. But the dealers are different, they mainly do the service, but solve the problem of the buyer in time. 

So we have more suggestions. If you want to open a gym, it is best to cooperate with trading companies. If foreign dealers are not familiar with the Chinese market better cooperate with trading company which in fitness industry too.

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